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All services provided is a collaboration from our core group segments—include, but not limited to the following:

  • Culverts and storm drains
  • Cut and cover tunnels
  • Environmentally sensitive crossings
  • Girder bridges
  • Irrigation structures
  • Overpasses
  • River, canal, and wash crossings
  • Underpasses
  • Utility vaults
  • Vaults and reservoirs
  • Wash crossings
  • Waterway
  • Wildlife overpasses

Con-Arch™ Applications

The Con-Arch™ system offers remarkable versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its uses include bridges, culverts, vaults and reservoirs, storm drains, cut and cover tunnels, underpasses, and environmentally sensitive crossings. With its adaptability and robust design, Con-Arch™ excels in meeting diverse project requirements.


Con-Arch™ designs offer versatility for a range of bridge applications, accommodating both long single-span designs and multiple-span configurations. Our clients consistently appreciate the superior aesthetics of Con-Arch™ bridges. With Con-Arch™ custom forming systems, bridge spans of up to 100 feet and beyond can be achieved. The addition of headwall treatments, including liners and natural stone, further enhances the overall appearance, complementing the project's design theme.


Con-Arch™ presents the optimal solution for culvert applications, leveraging the inherent efficiency of the arch shape. By replacing conventional reinforced concrete box culverts with Con-Arch™ culverts, substantial cost savings can be achieved. The system offers standard form sections that can span up to 48 feet, providing a reliable and cost-effective option for culvert construction.

Vaults and Reservoirs

For underground vaults or reservoir structures, the Con-Arch™ system emerges as the preferred choice. In comparison to alternatives such as large diameter pipe, precast vaults, or traditional cast-in-place concrete options, Con-Arch™ stands out as a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective solution. Its flexibility, speed of construction, and cost advantages make it the logical choice for these applications.

Storm Drains

Con-Arch™ has established itself as the most cost-effective solution for long storm drains. With its efficient forming and material utilization, the system offers significant cost savings of 25-30% compared to alternatives such as large diameter pipe, precast box sections, or cast-in-place boxes. These cost advantages make Con-Arch™ the preferred choice for cost-conscious projects involving long storm drains.

Cut and Cover Tunnels

Con-Arch™ stands out as an excellent option for cut and cover tunnel applications. With its standard form sizes spanning up to 48 feet, Con-Arch™ is well-suited for a range of tunnels, including those for pedestrians, vehicles, and railroads. The system's versatility and strength make it a reliable choice for meeting the specific requirements of cut and cover projects. Moreover, Con-Arch™ offers the advantage of accelerated construction schedules, ensuring minimal disruption to existing services during the tunnel construction process.


Con-Arch™ structures are well-suited for a diverse range of underpass applications, catering to vehicular, railroad, pedestrian, equestrian, equipment, and golf cart crossings. When it comes to selecting an appropriate design solution for an underpass, options can be limited. However, Con-Arch™ offers a versatile range of spans, from 6 to 48 feet wide, allowing for a multitude of underpass solutions. This flexibility ensures that Con-Arch™ can effectively meet the specific requirements of various underpass projects.

Environmental Sensitive Crossings

Con-Arch™ bridges and culverts offer a cost-effective and aesthetic solution for crossing environmentally sensitive waterways. They can be constructed on spread footings, preserving the natural bottom and flow characteristics of streams and arroyos. The system's ability to clear span-sensitive washes and arroyos minimizes disturbance to the natural environment while providing safe passage for vehicular, pedestrian, and wildlife traffic.

Benefits of Con-Arch™


With Con-Arch™, clients enjoy substantial cost savings without compromising quality, integrity, or timing. Cost savings range from 10% to 20% or more compared to traditional construction methods. The efficient design/build process and the natural advantage of arch structural sections result in the most structurally efficient use of materials at the lowest cost in terms of labor, material, and time.


Con-Arch™ offers a highly efficient system for forming, placing concrete, and backfilling, leading to significant time savings compared to alternative construction methods. Open excavations can be backfilled within 48 hours, much faster than the 7 to 28 days required for box culvert construction. When working under roadways, Con-Arch™ structures can be constructed in phases, eliminating the need for costly traffic rerouting.

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