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Ian Shantz

Project Sponsor

Ian started his career as a concrete laborer and finisher when he was not in school and found a passion for construction and building. He received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wyoming. Ian has worked on many different projects in the construction industry over the past two decades, including several large-scale and award-winning projects. He has managed all different elements of the work throughout his career, from structures, grading, paving, underground utilities, and even the designers.

Since joining Hunter Contracting Co. in early 2020, Ian has worked on some exciting and unique projects with accelerated schedules, utilizing a design-build approach to a project where the contractor and the designer are a team to ensure the project is a success for the owners. In addition, Ian enjoys working with the project teams using his expertise to guide and mentor, building up the next group of leaders.

Besides work, Ian enjoys hitting the lake with his wife and daughter and enjoying the Arizona sun on his off days.