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Cardinal Insulated Glass Plant

Hunter Contracting Co. furnished all labor, materials, tools, and equipment necessary to complete the demolition, site grading, asphalt paving, lime treatment, parking striping work, including but not limited to clearing and removing existing vegetation as required, and provide all import and/or export as needed. Remove all unacceptable soil as identified by the testing engineer. Spread all excess soil on the vacant area to the West of the building. Spread soil to drain to the south, grade to a smooth surface, and water as needed. Provide all off-site and on-site asphalt paving in areas indicated on drawings. Preparation of subbase and installation of asphalt paving areas as indicated on drawings or as required by job conditions. Excavate and/or fill and compact under all new construction areas to bring subgrade to proper elevation as determined by GSS Companies, Inc.’s project superintendent and in coordination with the concrete contractor. Over excavate and compact under all footings as required by the soil report. Provide and install all required survey monuments, traffic markings, traffic delineators, and barricades. Striping of parking areas as indicated or required by job conditions.

Cardinal Glass
February 2018
Delivery Method:
Design Engineer:
Sitts and Hill Enginnering, Inc.
  • Clear and grub
  • Con-ArchTM
  • Drainage improvements
  • Landscaping
  • Public sewer sleeves
  • Roadway improvements
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