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  • Leroy Begay - Mechanic

    I stay safe for my daughter and my grand kids!

  • Darin Bailey - Project Sponsor

    I stay safe for my family!

  • Chris Swisher - Grading Foreman

    I stay safe for these two!

  • Mike Pringle - IT Support Specialist

    I stay safe at work for my family.

  • Jeff Douma - Assistant Controller

    I stay safe for my family!

  • Mike Randolph - Serviceman

    Fishing and safety make a good catch!

  • Omar Cifuentes - Project Engineer

    I stay safe on the job because I love to be outdoors with my family.

  • Nicole White - Safety Specialist

    I stay safe because I understand that an injury or death has the potential to impact my family, my co-workers, my company.

Safety Mission Statement

To provide a safe and healthful work environment for all employees, subcontractor employees, project owner representatives, and the public at large on and around our jobsites, and to comply with all requirements and/or intent of federal and state rules and regulations.

Safety Culture

We believe that the safety of our employees is of utmost importance. We have a strong culture of caring that ensures our employees make it home safely each and every day. We are committed to safe operating procedures that protect the safety of our employees and the community.

Safety Strategy

Hunter‘s priority is the safety of our workforce and we strive to accomplish our work in the safest possible manner. Safety is one of our most important corporate initiatives. The results of this practice are monitored through project, department, and corporate metrics. Regular safety training is a critical part of our safety program and we instill into every employee the responsibility to work safely. Our goal is zero incidents and zero injuries.

Management Safety Commitment

Management is committed to creating a safe work environment and is actively involved with receiving safety training and teaching safety to the workforce and ensures that safety resources are always available. Projects and departments are continually evaluated for safety and health concerns. Every employee is encouraged and empowered to report hazards and to correct them.

Our goal is to create a unified family where continually watching out for the other person is critical - Maintaining a process that ensures SAFETY and allows everyone to go home as they arrived!

For questions regarding our safety policies, practices, or general inquiries, please contact our Safety Department at 480-503-7481.

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