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Preconstruction Strategies for Successful Delivery

Hunter’s preconstruction services ensure precision delivery by involving you – our customer – in each step of the process. From initial investigation through fully validated design alternatives and cost-effective pricing models, Hunter builds success into each project before construction begins.

Investigation: Thorough research into your project begins with a long history of successful delivery coupled with our continual commitment to innovation. Our customers know that their project design stems from sound investigation.
Design Alternatives: From great research comes possibilities and innovative ideas. Our design engineers offer a variety of cost- and time-effective alternatives to deliver the maximum impact upon project completion.
Cost Estimating: At Hunter, there are no hidden costs. We use state-of-the-art takeoff and modeling tools, and carefully answer all questions to minimize risk and deliver on our guaranteed maximum price estimates.
Validation: Quality starts with design validation. As a project owner, you will be involved during every step of the project so that you know your delivery will meet your needs.
Construction: Before the first contractors arrive on site, you know your project is thoroughly planned, expertly designed, and validated for accuracy. By utilizing Hunter’s preconstruction services, your delivery will be on schedule, on budget, and will benefit from expert management throughout the construction phase.

You Have a Goal. Hunter Can Get You There.

Before your project begins, Hunter’s preconstruction service experts review your project’s scope and schedule, giving you a big-picture view of successful delivery. Then, we dive into project details, including risk analysis, constructability reviews, permitting assistance, cost estimating, and community outreach. Your preconstruction package allows you to make informed decisions, actively control your budget, and integrate with the project schedule so that you stay well-informed of progress at every step.

Preconstruction Benefits
Exceptional delivery requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of constructability. Many cost savings can be realized by performing constructability reviews with the design team. Hunter provides full documentation of the analysis, study, and investigation. These reviews help to expedite your project, avoid risks, and assist in validation of your designs, construction drawings, and project documentation.
Our state-of-the-art project quantity takeoff and modeling reduces waste and saves in overall project cost by accurately measuring and estimating the materials needed for every job. By using the best technology available, our engineers quantify items of work for use in the field through GPS measurement and 3D design in cad software. We then use automated takeoff calculators to produce accurate, thorough estimations regardless of project complexity.
Hunter stands behind the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for your project. By conducting thorough, up-front research, clearly defining each project stage and deliverable, and accurately estimating takeoff, our cost estimate is based off of detailed designs, documented completion stages, and quantified, measured costs for project materials. Regardless of which bid and payment model fits your needs, your final maximum price is always guaranteed.
Hunter’s extensive history of successful project delivery ensures our ability to identify potential project risks and money-saving design considerations. We strive to decrease your schedule and cost by eliminating unknowns in design before they pose a risk to delivery. We add further value to your project by working with materials and equipment that decrease the overall lifecycle costs of your completed project.
At Hunter, we value our commitment to the Southwest. We assist you in keeping the public informed about your upcoming construction project. Our public relations experts and community-facing engineers reach out to the appropriate governing bodies for you, maintain clear communication channels with governing entities, and represent your projects in transparent fashion at public meetings. With Hunter by your side, your construction project becomes a welcomed part of the community.
Construction projects, though beneficial and rewarding to those who enjoy the end results, can pose many challenges to both the project owner and to the surrounding community. Hunter’s preconstruction planning professionals work with you to phase and schedule your project around your budgetary constraints and the needs of the community. Our pricing structures and innovative phased approach provide a framework that will fit nearly any project budget and scale while reducing the overall impact to the end user.
All civil projects require a variety of permits prior to and during the construction process. Furthermore, civil construction laws, restrictions, and zoning considerations are in constant flux. Getting the right paperwork filed at the right time can be a daunting task, and failure to secure permits can result in costly project delays. Hunter’s preconstruction team will help you navigate the complex process of permitting. Before, during, and after project completion, all licenses, permits, and notifications required by all governing boards will be handled in a timely and appropriate manner to keep your project on track.
The best projects combine expert planning with the right resources for each stage of completion. Hunter develops the subcontractor and supplier interests for each trade required for your project, and solicits bids for the various work categories. We then prepare a quote comparison report that provides visibility into our recommendations, and allows you flexibility in cost, schedule, and phasing through collaborative selection of the best teams and suppliers for your bid.
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