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Pinal Valley Recharge
and Recovery Facility

Through great collaboration on the Pinal Valley Recharge and Recovery Facility project, we installed a cast-in-place gravity turnout structure located in the CAP canal through a custom-designed steel cofferdam. Out of the turnout, we installed a pre-cast meter vault and 4,400 linear feet of 30-inch ductile iron raw water gravity pipeline.  The pipeline runs to our 70,000 cubic yard excavation that creates the recharge basin itself.  The basin is fed the pipeline via two precast valve vaults that house motor actuated plug valves for monitoring the flow.  The basin has twenty-two 60-foot deep drilled bore holes that will serve as the conduit for the CAP water to recharge the water table.  The flow meter and motor actuated plug valves to CAP’s SCADA system allows Arizona Water Company to control the flow into the basin remotely.

Arizona Water Company
Octoboer 2019
Delivery Method:
Design Engineer:
Carollo Eng.
  • 2 precast valve vaults
  • 4,400 LF of 30-inch DIP raw water piping
  • 70,000 CY excavation
  • 60-foot deep boreholes
  • Asphalt paving
  • Clear and grub
  • Con-Arch™ bridge
  • Concrete meter vault
  • Concrete pad for electrical equipment
  • Construct drain borehole
  • Dig and backfill duct bank
  • Drainpipe from the basin
  • Double swing gate
  • Grade, excavate, and place riprap
  • Grates and ladder installations 
  • Hydroseeding
  • Piezometer well (extension and rehabilitation)
  • Place, compact, and fine grade ABC
  • Potholing
  • Precast building
  • Pre-compaction
  • Pump water
  • Recharge basin excavations
  • Set and tie-in fill pipe
  • Site electrical equipment
  • Subgrade prep
  • Structural excavate
  • Structural backfill
  • Survey
  • Trench safety
  • Waterline testing
Photo04 CompletedConarch
Photo05 CompletedRechargeBasins


ACEC – American Council of Engineering Companies

ACEC Arizona Engineering Excellence Awards – Grand Award

ACSE – American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE Phoenix Branch Project of the Year (Under $10 Million)

AZ Water Association

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