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Pecos Surface Water Treatment Plant Improvements

This 15 MGD expansion project increased the plant's production capacity from 45 million to 60 million gallons per day, an increase of 33%. Hunter Contracting Co. completed the construction of the raw water inlet and the pump station, which demanded careful planning and strict adherence to the schedule. Construction time was limited to the canal dry-up cycle, and significant resources were dedicated to the work. Also completed were a new chlorine generation system, CO2 and other chemical system upgrades, and plantwide electrical and instrumentation installations. Hunter coordinated the rehabilitation of the existing filters and blower upgrades with plant operators to maintain the plant's normal operations and allow them to keep producing water. Filters were taken off-line in small numbers, and the blowers were installed and started-up while the existing system was still functioning. Additionally, temporary piping was installed to bypass the raw water flow into the sedimentation around the new splitter box/diversion structure. This allowed the plant to stay in full operation while new structures were built and pipes tied in.

City of Chandler
August 2017
Delivery Method:
Design Engineer:
Black and Veatch
  • 14 rehabilitated filters
  • 15 MGD expansion
  • 3 pump stations
  • 4 new filters
  • Administration building
  • Ballasted flocculation
  • Chemical and electrical buildings
  • Chemical systems
  • Chlorine generation
  • Clarifier and intake structure
  • Electrical and back-up generators
  • Grading and paving
  • MOPOs
  • Raw water trash rake
  • SCADA and instrumentation
  • Sludge drying beds
  • Utility coordination
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