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Casa Blanca Canal

A $32 million project for approximately 13 miles of new six-foot bottom concrete-lined canal and associated precast check and cast-in-place flow control structures. It also included the development of 47 sites along the new canal with canal-related appurtenances. An additional three miles of two- and four-foot bottom concrete-lined lateral canals. Other work included five retaining walls, precast turnouts, overshot/flume gates, slip meter gates, epoxy-lined piping for 15 wells reconnecting to the canal, well fencing and gates, signage, and 24-inch to 54-inch RGRCP pipe runs. Critical milestone dates were required to be met to ensure water delivery for irrigation wet-ups to farmers, and a water bypass system was developed to deliver water during construction. There were over 1.7 million cubic yards of excavation from adjacent borrow sites and embankment involved in the pad preparation and construction of an operations and maintenance road along the canal alignment.

Gila River Indian Community
May 2019
Delivery Method:
Design Engineer:
George Cairo Eng
  • 1.7 million cubic yards of excavation
  • 13 miles of new 6-foot bottom concrete-lined canal and associates precast check and  cast-in-place (CIP) flow control structure
  • 24- to 54-inch RGRCP pipe runs
  • 3 miles of 2- and 4-foot bottom concrete-lined lateral canals
  • 5 retaining walls
  • Bypass system
  • Development of 47 sites along new canal with canal-related appurtenances
  • Epoxy-lined piping for 15 wells reconnecting to the canal appurtenances
  • Overshot/flume gates
  • Precast turnouts
  • Signage
  • Slip meter gates
  • Well fencing and gates
01 8225 Turnout and Check Drop Structure 2
SP 44 2