91st Avenue Improvements near Cardinals Stadium

To improve infrastructure and accessibility to the Cardinals Stadium site, the City of Glendale hired Hunter Contracting Co. (Hunter) to construct 4,500 linear feet of the new Bethany Home Road and widened two miles of 91st Avenue to six lanes. The scope included: widening and overlaying the existing roadway, full curb and gutter sections, landscaping, lights, water, sewer, storm drain, extending an 18-inch PVC effluent waterline, reclaimed water, and extensive SRP irrigation improvements for this time-sensitive project to accommodate the tight schedule related to the Cardinals’ stadium grand opening.

Hunter provided design phase assistance for constructing the new section of Bethany Home Road and improvements to 91st Avenue. Using Value Engineering, Hunter redesigned the alignment of the pipe to avoid two canal crossings with a cost savings of $547,920 and was able to complete the project ahead of schedule.

City of Glendale
July 2006
Delivery Method:
Design Engineer:
Wood Patel
  • 6-lane road widening (right and left turn lanes)
  • 18-inch PVC effluent waterline extension
  • 175 feet of retaining walls
  • 1,200 feet of 24- to 84-inch SRP irrigation
  • 2,800 feet of 24-inch sewer line
  • 3,000 feet of 20-inch, 8,200 feet of 24-inch, and 1,500 feet of 16-inch waterline installations
  • 4,500 feet of 18- to 48-inch storm drain
  • 5,300 feet of 12-inch of reclaimed waterline installation
  • 6-lane road widening (right and left turn lanes)
  • Bridge widening over SRP Canal
  • Curb and gutter
  • Intersection reconstruction
  • Landscaping
  • Reclaimed waterline installations
  • Retaining walls
  • Retention basins
  • Sewer Line
  • Shotcrete channel lining
  • Street lighting
  • Youth field and facilities