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Constructing Success with Every Step

Successful construction projects are a careful balance of planning, safety, time management, and quality delivery. Hunter ensures regular inspections, hard-working construction professionals, and a team-wide drive for project success. Your project team goes beyond your expectation of high-quality results. At Hunter, we involve the community, design for longevity, and stand by our promise of delivering your project on time, within your budget, and to the highest safety standard possible. When you want a contractor who values not just the job, but the relationships that the job builds, Hunter is your contractor of choice.

Safety: We pride ourselves on site safety. With regular inspections, strict adherence to standards, and meticulously managed teams, our award-winning projects regularly put us at the forefront of demonstrated safety.
Planning: The key to risk management and mitigation is careful, accurate planning. We continually maintain our project schedules and plans to ensure timely, budget-conscious delivery.
Productivity: Our project teams are knowledgeable, professional, and know how to get a job done. All phases of your project are expertly managed to ensure continual success.
Quality Control: We stay on top of job quality by conducting regular reviews to make sure your project conforms to original designs and planning decisions.
Closeout: Our closeout process ensures your satisfaction by providing detailed documentation, thorough testing, and collaborative hand-off and/or occupancy processes. Additionally, Hunter maintains positive relationships with our project owners, encouraging them to provide feedback and recommendations.

The Hunter Advantage

Our experience and skill in managing every aspect of civil and infrastructure construction results in quality projects delivered in the shortest timeframe possible. Public sector agencies rely on Hunter for rapid completion of large highway projects, water, wastewater plants, underground irrigation, parks, and public spaces. Private industries trust Hunter to lay the groundwork for office parks, shopping centers, industrial facilities, and housing subdivisions.


From intersection reconstruction, to large-scale freeway projects, to beautification and pedestrian enhancements, Hunter has successfully delivered a wide variety of transportation improvements while maintaining access for businesses, busses, and residential neighborhoods. We work with the community to provide necessary improvements while causing the least possible impact to traffic. Our transportation projects keep safety at the forefront, allowing workers to complete their tasks with minimal risk, while simultaneously managing public safety around the site.

We have demonstrated success through our award-winning transportation projects that incorporated several types of work:

Utility Exploration and Relocation Grading and Earthwork Intersections
Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Concrete Arch Bridges Flood Mitigation & Box Culverts
Underground Piping Infrastructures Mass or Confined Space Excavation Native Plant Relocation
Structures / Drainage Basins Concrete Bridge Piers Retaining Walls
Concrete and Asphalt Paving Canal Relocation Soil Stabilization and Remediation
Having a quick-response team is critically important when managing water treatment plants, process plants, and commercial utilities. Hunter has teams of experienced craft workers who can respond quickly to build, modify, expand, or repair your facilities with peak efficiency.

We work with municipal agencies, private corporations, and developers to review existing facilities for upgrade or to design turnkey projects for grass-roots developments. Regardless of the maturity of your facility or project, Hunter can help you maximize your budget for either upgrades or new construction.

Lift Stations Conveying Systems Booster Pump Stations Ozone Treatment Facilities
Headworks SCADA Systems Centrifuge Installation Filter Rehabilitation
Clarifier Construction Chlorine Generating Facilities Vadose Zone Wells Plate Settlers
Arsenic Treatment Facilities Bar Screens Canals and Trash Rake Systems Odor Control Facilities
Coffer Dams Aeration Basins Water Remediation Facilities RAS/WAS Pump Stations
When you contract your structure construction project with Hunter, you receive the benefit of our full-service approach to design and renovation. We will work with you to create the best structure to fit your needs, including schedule and budget considerations. From traditional form-and-pour to field-installed, pre-cast structures, Hunter has decades of experience delivering all forms of bridge and structure construction projects.

Bridges Underpasses Cast-In-Place Conveyances
Overpasses Irrigation Structures Canals and Ditches
Girder Bridges Arches Bridges Head Walls
Utility Vaults Catch Basins Freeway Soundwalls
Grade Drop Structures Berms and Dams Concrete Reservoirs
Box Culverts Retaining Walls River, Canal and Wash Crossings
By utilizing Con-Arch, an integrated design-build process, in place of other conventional bridge and culvert construction, you will experience significant cost savings over the life of your project. Con-Arch construction savings can range from 10% to 20%—or even more—with no corresponding loss in quality, integrity, or time to delivery. Additionally, Con-Arch provides substantial time savings for construction, design-build convenience, and enhanced safety and serviceability. As a bonus, the Con-Arch system is aesthetically pleasing, providing a superior finished product that will be appreciated by the surrounding community.

The adequacy of the Con-Arch system has been verified by full-scale load field testing conducted by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a service center of the Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF).

During your design phase, Hunter can recommend the best possible application of our Con-Arch alternative:

Bridges of All Depths and Spans Culverts and Storm Sewers
Cut and Cover Tunnels Underpasses
Vaults and Reservoirs Storm Drains
Environmentally Sensitive Crossings Wildlife Overpasses
The Hunter team enjoys the challenge of projects that require innovation, sophistication, and a keen eye for non-traditional construction applications to achieve memorable results. Our parks and public art combine aesthetic beauty with practical function to revitalize our surrounding communities. We have partnered with notable architects like Paolo Soleri and other designers who have fresh and inventive ideas, to build signature places out of ordinary spaces.

Water Features and Fountains Permeable Paving
Hardscapes and Landscapes Irrigation and Water Reclamation
Mosaics and Custom-Crafted Tiling Sculpture Installation
Innovative Shade Structures Environmentally Sensitive Sites
Athletic Fields and Specialty Turf Pedestrian and Equestrian Trails

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