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Become a Subcontractor or Vendor

Hunter is focused on building trust and confidence through a great project experience for our customers. Our reputation is built upon the quality of our work, and we recognize that our subcontractors are a large part of our success. Hunter Contracting creates a cohesive team atmosphere between our employees and our subcontractors, which produces a seamless alignment for our project owners.

Hunter is committed to our BASIC Core Values:

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The BASIC Model ensures outstanding construction services through excellence in what we do, the people we employ, and the experiences we leave behind. Our subcontract partners are part of the team, and together, we foster open communication, increase efficiencies, and develop strong relationships to create a consistent and safe project for everyone.

We appreciate your interest in becoming one of our qualified partners and look forward to building new alliances. Click the link below to learn more.



Should you have any questions, please contact Jackie Johnson:

Email: jackiej@huntercontracting.com
Phone: (480) 632-4956

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