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At Hunter Contracting we value the relationships we have built with our subcontractors and are always seeking new partnerships with qualified professionals. In addition, we make every effort to utilize qualified small and minority-owned businesses on our projects regardless of whether or not the project owner has included minority-contracting goals.

Hunter Contracting manages its bid solicitation and prequalification process through SmartBidNet, a web-based pre-qualification and estimating tool. If you are interested in being included on Hunter Contracting’s Bidders List, there is a link below to apply for prequalification with us through SmartBidNet. Before you begin the SmartBidNet process, please read the following information carefully:
Master Subcontractor Agreement and Addendum A:
  Once you complete your SmartBidNet application it will be reviewed and you will receive notification of prequalification status; which may include a Master Subcontractor agreement.  The purpose of the Master Agreement is to set up the standard terms applicable to all subcontract work.  After this agreement is signed we will not ask you to sign another Master Agreement, unless laws or business conditions change.

After you return your signed Master Agreement to us, each future individual project awarded to you by Hunter Contracting will be outlined in an Addendum A. The Addendum A will allow us to communicate your scope of work, specific job-related information and terms, along with any specific project requirements. For example: Owner requires a different level of insurance - this will be spelled out in the Addendum A.  There will be a new Addendum A, but not a Master Agreement, signed for each new job.

If you would like to view a sample of our Master Agreement and/or Addendum A, once in SmartBidNet go to the Maintenance Files tab and choose the Pre-Qualification Documents folder. (NOTE: This is a sample only and not for signature.)

Documentation You Will Need:
  Before you begin to set up your SmartBidNet profile, you will need to have the following documents saved electronically, such as in PDF format. Please make sure each is saved as an individual file as you will upload each in its own section:
  • W-9
  • Licenses (State, City)
  • SBE/DBE Certificate
  • OSHA 300 Form
  • Certified Experience Moderation Rating Letter (E-MOD)
  • Copy of Table of Contents of your Safety Policy

Please remember, omitting or reporting false information could result in removal from Hunter Contracting’s Master Bid List.  Your SmartBid Prequalification profile must be completed fourteen (14) working days from date of invitation received.

Apply For Hunter Contracting's Prequalified Bidders List (please click the SmartBidNet logo below to receive email invitation):

Thank you again for your interest in bidding with Hunter Contracting. Should you have any questions, please contact a member of our Subcontract Team:
    Subcontracts Supervisor: Subcontract Payments/Insurance:
             Carri Perry       Robyn Lutes
               (480) 507-7041      (480) 507-7031

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