Hunter Contracting's greatest concern is the safety of our workforce and we strive to accomplish our work in the safest possible manner. Creating a corporate safety culture at our jobsites continues to be one of the highest corporate goals and is monitored through project, department and corporate metrics. Safety training is a regular part of our culture of safety and we instill into every employee the responsibility to work safely. Our goal is to make sure “No One Gets Hurt!”

All levels of management are committed to securing and providing a safe work environment for each employee, subcontractor, owner’s representatives and the public. All management is actively involved with receiving, participating in and teaching safety to the workforce and Hunter provides the necessary funding to ensure adequate resources are always available. Each project, office and shop is continually evaluated for safety and health concerns and every employee is encouraged to report hazards and to address them when appropriate. Each concern is addressed and corrected.

Annually Hunter takes part in a self-evaluation of the Safety and Health Management System, which includes employee, supervisor and subcontractor interviews. The results of this evaluation are shared company wide and are discussed with all new hires at orientation. Our goal is to create a unified family where continually watching out for the other person is critical - maintaining a process that allows everyone to go home SAFELY!

For questions about Hunter's Safety Program, please e-mail

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