William R. Hunter and Armando TaddeiIn 1947, William R. Hunter, in partnership with Fuller Form, was constructing concrete-lined ditches for farmers across Arizona.

By 1948, when concrete was $5.00 per yard, Mr. Hunter purchased a franchise and started Hunter Ditch Lining.

In 1961, Armando Taddei purchased Hunter Ditch Lining and expanded the business to include a road-building company called Hunter Contracting.  Through the years the company has grown to include all phases of highway work including mass grading, paving, road widening and interchanges, utility relocations, bridges and drainage structures, underground pipelines, curb and gutter, sidewalks, parks and sports fields.

The company expanded into the industrial arena in 1989, which now includes the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants, reclamation plants, lift and pump stations, recharge facilities, underground and process pipelines, as well as mine reclamation, plant maintenance and design-build services.

In 1993, Hunter opened a Tucson office to better serve the needs of that market.  Then in 2010, the Tucson division became the Southwest division to encompass the jobs located in multiple states across the Southwest.

In addition, Hunter now services the market for concrete arches, bridge construction and irrigation ditches with revolutionary designs and products from our Con-Arch division.

And all the while, Hunter Ditch Lining remains a healthy business that accounts for one percent of Hunter's total construction volume.

Hunter has grown from a handful of people in 1961 to a thriving enterprise with hundreds of employees.  Today we continue the legacy of values upon which the company was founded - an emphasis on excellence in construction and an unparalleled commitment to the communities we serve.  
Hunter Contracting is proud to be the Contractor of Choice for projects throughout the Southwest.

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